The Simple Way to Keep $35,000+ More Equity When You Sell Your Home

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Here’s how to skip commissions and closing costs while still getting market value


Dear Home Seller,

If you’re thinking about listing your home for sale, this tip could put over $35,000 in your pocket.

Here’s a question:

If someone offered to buy your house, giving you 10% more than you’d get selling normally, but wanted to close the sale 2 years from now.  Would you do it? 

This “mystery buyer” wants to rent your property until the sale closes 2 years from now.  The rent offered covers all your mortgage, property taxes, and insurance payments plus extra cash in your pocket.  They also take over all the maintenance and repair responsibilities for the property.

Would you sell this way if it meant getting 10% extra from your house? 

If your answer isn’t “absolutely not”, we would love to work with you to buy your house.

Why does selling the “normal way” have to cost 10% of the sale price?

According to Zillow and, it costs an average of 10% of the home value to sell the property.  Houses that need a lot of updating can cost even more.

The average American home is worth about $350,000, according to the US Federal Reserve.  If your house is average, this means you’d pay about $35,000 to sell it.  That’s a lot of money, right?

You pay:

  • 5-6% to an agent who you hire to get you a good offer.  (We give you a great offer for free)
  • 1-3% in repairs, updates and preparation for sale (We don’t ask for any repairs)
  • 2-3% in closing costs, credits to buyers, title insurance and miscellaneous charges (We pay for all this)

You don’t need to pay these costs when you sell to Full Price Offers.  We take care of everything.

A Stress Free Sale

By selling to us, we get you the best sale price and take over all the transaction hassles.  You don’t have to do any of these things that come with a “normal” sale:

  • spend time looking for agents
  • repairs and updates
  • cleaning and putting things into storage
  • keeping the house ready for showings
  • negotiating back-and-forth with flaky buyers
  • hoping they close on time so you can move

Working with our experienced real estate investment team avoids all this stress. Rest easy that our professionals have it taken care of.

Close on Your Schedule

We know selling can be stressful so we make it easy.  You get to pick the day that we close.  Need to move next week and don’t want to pay for two homes?  Or do you need a flexible close date that might change? We’ve got you covered.

A fully secure way to sell

Selling using a lease purchase is 100% legal, ethical and secure.  The legal documentation is extremely fair and make sure you are taken care of if our team was suddenly abducted by aliens.  Simply put – if we don’t life up to our promises, you keep all the money and you get the property back in better condition than we got it.  We won’t make a dime.  This promise is baked into our typical legal documents.

Lease Purchase vs Seller Financing

Most people haven’t heard of a Lease Purchase or Seller Financing before.  Here’s the quick summary.

You set the price and closing date two or three years from now.  This locks in your price and equity.  While you wait for the sale to close, the buyer takes over all the responsibilities of a normal landlord and you get a monthly payment. Once the sale closes, your equity is paid in full.  When you sell this way, the buyer is the one who pays the commissions and closing costs.  Not you!  That’s an average of $35,000 for the typical American house.

You get the peace of mind, and you are fully secured by the property.

Now what is the difference between the lease purchase or seller financing?

Lease Purchase:

In a lease purchase, we lease your property for the time until the sale date. We will buy the property on or before the sale date at the price already negotiated (so no future stress to worry about). We take over all the management responsibilities.  Title would stay in your name until the sale closes and you would be responsible for any major repairs (such as roof replacement or HVAC).  This is usually the better option if you have a mortgage or if you are not comfortable with seller financing.

Seller Financing:

In the seller financing sale, the sale is completed with your equity paid on a monthly schedule until the rest is due in full (this is called a “balloon” payment).  For example, your equity payment might be $1,500 per month for 4 years and the rest is due at the end of the 4 years.  Seller financing is the best option for people who want to be “done” with the property.  The contract fully protects you in a mortgage position.

Choosing Between

How to choose between them? We make that easy by offering you both options so you can choose what is best for you.  Some sellers are ready to move on and don’t want to deal with the property any longer.  Seller financing is the better choice for these sellers.  Sellers who are a little uneasy about seller financing are a better fit for the lease purchase option.

Work with An Experienced Buyer

Our leadership has been involved with billions in real estate transactions over the past 15 years from leases to property sales.  Our experienced makes us the best qualified buyer for your home.  For example, has any agent mentioned that selling on a lease purchase or seller financing could put more money in your pocket than any other way?

How can Full Price Offers makes money

At this point you may be asking yourself, “how do they make money?”.  Well, we make money when we re-sell to our retail buyers.  Our profit does not need to come at your expense.

Estimating How Much You Will Make

Your Home Value:                                                                  ____________

Minus: Current Mortgage Balance:                                        ____________

Equals:                                                                                    ____________ <— Your “take home”.  This could be higher with strong monthly income — just ask us how!

The normal home sale costs 10% of home value.  You save: ______________

Is it a fit for you?

Here are the key questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to wait for some of my cash if it means getting 10% more from my home?
  • When do I need to sell?
  • Would I rather get your extra 10% for your home or make even more with a long term “mailbox money” deal?
  • Do I have any immediate cash needs that would prevent me from selling?

Get an Estimate:

If this seems interesting to you, we would love to give you a custom report with multiple offers to choose from.  Just fill out the form below and we can get started!

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