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If we’ve learned anything in our time as real estate investors, it is that many people all across America want to move (or relocate to another city), but have their own unique reasons why they can’t. Some don’t want to leave their families, have lived in their home for a long time, or just can’t seem to get a mortgage. More likely, it’s the overwhelming prospect of buying AND selling a home all at once that puts a stopper in their plans. 

Whatever the case may be, we at Full Price Offers know that moving can be extremely stressful and filled with hassles that are independent of your home’s value. 

We’ve got good news! Relocating after selling a home has never been simpler (or cheaper!).

relocate to another city

We’ve been practicing in real estate investing for a while, and know more than most that stress-free selling and relocating can be done with careful planning, and with the help of a trusted team of investors who are interested in sustainable property transactions. That’s us!

At Full Price Offers, we’re all about making sure your path to getting settled in with new friends, a new job, or just a new environment, will be smooth, seamless, and much-deserved. Better yet, you can get started with selling your home right now, all with the simple click of a button (and no obligations whatsoever!).


We recommend taking a moment to look at how we’ve been serving clients who want to relocate to another city through our How It Works page. There, you’ll begin to learn how we save our clients as much as 8% to 12% of the total home value when they sell!

Then, when you’re comfortable with what we do – and why we love doing it – you can click to receive an offer to buy your home in as little as 24H!  

4 Questions You Should Ask Before You Relocate to Another City in the US

relocate to another city

If you’re still in the early stages of the moving process, here are four questions you can ask to help you manage your next move, and save money doing it! 

Question One: Do I Have All My Ducks in A Row?

Whether you choose to sell the traditional way or with Full Price Offers, here are a few initial considerations you should make before you relocate to another city:

  • Before you invite a realtor over to discuss your options, you should probably know which state you’re moving to. It’s fine at this point to not have your new residence down just yet; after all, you’ve got a lot of things to juggle just getting out the door of your old one. Keep in mind, however, that if you sell your current house before you sign for a mortgage in your new state, you could wind up being on the streets or shacking up in a temporary lodging place—with no place to put your household belongings!
  • You may not qualify for a new mortgage while you’re still in your old house. According to California Realtor Lee Dworshak at The best case scenario, if you can afford it and if you qualify, is to get your new house and mortgage secured first. It’s true that you may make payments on two houses for a short period of time, but the peace of mind you’re essentially paying for by doing this is invaluable.

Want to make the process super simple? We provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand financial options for sellers all across the greater USA! Click HERE to learn more, or move onto question two below. 

Question Two: Am I Willing to Be Flexible?

relocating to another city

You don’t want to throw a dart at a map at the last minute and decide you’re going to start a new life when you relocate to another city. You probably know what general area of the new state you’d like to move to. However, you will also have to be flexible to the needs of your budget, as well as anyone else who may be moving with you.

What you need to figure out first, then, is how quickly you intend to move, and whether you’re willing to flexible about where you end up. 

Here are some ballpark scenarios we think may apply to you to give you an understanding of how to look at your own scenario from the outside in: 

  • You’re relocating because of a job or career change, and you know which city you’ll be living in, but not the neighbourhood. 
  • You’re relocating to a city far away, and you have some time to sell your home when and how you please. 
  • You’re looking for property options in other cities, but aren’t sure yet whether you’ll move. 
  • You’re ready to move today, and want to get out of your house ASAP!

Now that you understand more about the decision you’re about to make, it’s time to put this plan into motion as soon as you finish this article. The worst thing you can do is put even the exploration of where you’ll move off until the next moment. You’re going to need a plan of action as soon as possible if you want to take control of the situation. Better yet, when you’re prepared, you’ll be better equipped to find great cost-savings methods to selling your home.  

Question Three: Do I Really Know All My Selling Options?

Do you want to sell your home, keep it, or become a landlord? There are a ton more options when it comes to getting the income you’ll need to relocate to another city, which means a lot more thinking to do! (Luckily, we’ve created this article to help you learn whether you should rent out your home or sell!).

Now, whatever your individual context, it will always be tempting to hold on to your house and rent it out. Tempting, that is, until you realize the financial drain you’ll face. Will you be keen on keeping up with mortgage interest, property tax, operating expenses, depreciation, and repair costs for deduction purposes? Will you know when to recognize a security deposit as advance rent? The list goes on and on.

The peace of mind that comes from selling your house when you relocate to another city easily offsets what profits you might eventually see from being a long-distance landlord.

Question Four: What Are the Financial Impacts Going to Be When I Relocate to Another City?

The American Moving and Storage Association states that the average cost of an interstate household move (long-distance moving) is about $4,300 (a distance of 1,225 miles) and the average cost of an intrastate move (local moving) is about $2,300 (4 movers at $200 per hour). [source]

Many underestimate the true cost often associated with relocating to another city, especially when the average move cost is based upon pounds loaded on a truck and miles driven (even when you DIY!).

A good place to begin in reducing the cost is to get rid of stuff you no longer want or need to reduce moving expenses. This may be obvious, but when it comes down to crunch time it can be a lot to handle! Thankfully, we’ve also made sure to help clients rest easy knowing we’ll take care of the junk you no longer want. 

The most effective way we believe you can reduce costs? By selling your home to Full Price Offers. We offer no-obligation offers on homes owned by sellers like you, and remove the difficulties and costs associated with having to list, saving you money! 

Wish you could focus on your relocation more than the sale of your home? 

Those who pursue a passive-cash home-sale process through Full Price Offers are guaranteed a stress-free experience. We believe most of the headache associated with selling a home and relocating to another city are absent when clients let us take care of the labour-intensive tasks of repairs and renovations.

Summary: How it Works (read the full article HERE)

A cash home buyer will purchase your home as is, which means they’ll give you cash for what you have currently, saving you the money you would usually spend on lofty repairs and/or renovations (that may not even boost your home’s value significantly!). Furthermore, those who sell a home for cash to Full Price Offers often have access to a wider field of buyers, as there are many more cash-home buyers out there who are eager to make a sale.

Full Price Offers can be your trusted partner in a cash home sale, ensuring the home-selling process goes off without a hitch. Relocate after selling a house to us and enjoy the next exciting chapter in your home0wnership journey!

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