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Make This One Smart Move to Save Yourself $34,700 When Selling Your Home

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Before you put your house on the market, read this brilliant strategy industry experts recommend!


For the majority of people, selling property is something that happens perhaps once or twice in their lifetime. It’s certainly not a common occurrence like going to the supermarket. Because of this, most homeowners aren’t aware of the total costs involved when selling their home.


Perhaps you’re planning to relocate, move up to a bigger home, or even downsize to something smaller. Whatever the reason for putting your house on the market, you’d better get ready to pay between 8 to 12% in commissions, plus fees, taxes, and a number of other costs. These costs can vary greatly between cities, counties, and states too so you may wind up paying much more than that.


That’s right, you’ve got a bundle of expenses headed your way. Realtor costs, property taxes, repairs, document preparation, repairs, closing costs…the list goes on and on. It’s incredibly frustrating and expensive too. But in order to move to your next home, you’ve got to pay them.


Or do you?


When moving to another home and selling your property, there’s one smart move every home seller should make to save themselves a bundle and keep tens of thousands of dollars that are rightfully yours!


The #1 Secret to Keep from Spending a Fortune When Selling Your Home

In the past, if you wanted to avoid all these fees, the answer was to stay in your current home forever. For many Americans, that’s just not possible. You may be relocating to a new city or state, need a larger home for your growing family, or need to downsize when your children move out and start families of their own.


Why should you be penalized for living your own version of the American Dream? Fortunately, Full Price Offers is the smart move that home sellers are making. Full Price Offers pays full prices for your property without commissions or closing costs while closing quickly.


Instead of using an agent, you can create passive income streams that will save you enough money down the road to buy a new car, take that epic vacation, or make repairs in the future. You can get your cash in steady payments for as short as 3 years on up to 30 years, depending on your specific needs. Everything with Full Price Offers is custom-fit to every individual seller’s situation. Even if you have a mortgage, you can use this smart trick to save yourself money and close in as quickly as 7 days.


Remember, while the 8 to 12% seems like a doable selling cost, that could equate to 40% of your equity. With Full Price Offers, you can sell your home for full price and pay $0 in closing costs. Most scenarios will lead to us buying your property and paying 100% of those standard costs that sellers pay for closing. We can do it because we are an investment company.


All told, instead of getting a percentage of your equity, you get all of it. The only thing to know is that we can only pay you the full price and your closing costs if we can pay you in installments over a reasonable time period that works for you. So, you win and Full Price Offers wins, leaving you to move on and enjoy your next home with plenty of passive income streams to see you through whatever the future throws your way.


Ready to Make Your Move and Save Big?


Keep that equity that you’ve worked so hard to earn and let us take your home off your hands. We can even help with cash up front for moving costs if needed to help reduce the burden to you!


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