How to Sell Your Mortgaged Home: 1 Simple Way to Free Yourself From Mortgage Burden

No more excuses: it’s time to free yourself from those burdensome mortgage payments and sell your mortgaged home fast! 

There’s really only one must-sell situation: when your mortgage payments are eating up so much of your paycheque that there’s nothing left to throw at your growing debt, let alone your savings! At FullPriceOffers, we believe no home owner should have to forfeit more than 25% of their monthly take-home to their mortgage.

If you’ve been holding onto your home, and more than a quarter of your income is being swallowed by your mortgage every month, we’re here to tell you to GET OUT. It’s a no brainer at this point: cutting your housing budget is the only way you are going to get ahead of those payments to start moving forward. Time to stop looking over your shoulder; it’s time to take your first step in the right direction by selling your home. We can help!


Thanks in part to over a decade of real estate investment and financial management experience, FPO has built a pathway for the average homeowner to sell their mortgaged home or property in a simple, stress-free transaction that benefits everyone involved.

Want to know how it all works? Let’s see how closely your situation matches Frank and Sheryl Every-day, and then we’ll explore how FPO would tackle the financial burdens of their mortgage through a streamlined, consumer-driven home sale.

How Large Mortgage Payments Can Catch You Off Guard

With mortgages ranging from 15 to 30 years, chances are your current loan won’t be fully paid off when it comes time to sell. Does that mean you are stuck until you’ve paid off every last dollar? Not with FPO!

sell your mortgaged homeFrank and Sheryl Every-day bring home $4,000 a month, and owe $30,000 in student loans. Their mortgage costs $1,800 a month—a whopping 45% of their take-home pay. At this rate, they can only afford to put $300 a month toward their student loan debt.

The Smiths decide it’s time to sell their home, so they get in touch with a local real estate pro. They make $10,000 from the sale, and that chunk of money goes directly toward their student loan balance. That’s great!

BUT, Frank and Sheryl don’t have any cash to put down on a new home. Going back to renting isn’t ideal either, but they agree it’s worth the temporary sacrifice until they get back on the ground. Together they choose a place to rent for $1,000 a month. That budget change enables them to add an extra $800 to their student loan payment each month, and reduces their debt burden somewhat.

Yet, Frank and Sheryl were forced to return to renting and live in a non-ideal situation as they tried to progress in their careers and family lives. They may have been able to make significant progress on one debt amount, but in reality many Franks and Sheryls end up accumulating other debts in the process. Worse yet, none of these make-believe couples are building permanent equity on their dream home!

So, where would come in?

mortgage Scrabble tilesWhen Frank and Sheryl first decided to sell their mortgaged home, instead of going to their local real estate pro, let us imagine they had gotten a one-click offer from FPO. 

From there, the Every-day’s first step would have been the same: they would determine how much they still owed on their mortgage, looking to a recent mortgage statement or their online account. (This information is also available from any company which holds the mortgage loan). Then, they would fill out a simple form which asks basic details about their mortgaged home: how many bedrooms and baths, and an estimate on how much the home is worth (optional, we will do the work of making a market-based offer from the information we receive).

If Frank or Sheryl wanted a more concrete figure on how much their home is worth, they could talk to an experienced real estate agent in your area, or (better yet) hire an appraiser. Subtract the amount you owe from your home’s current value. If, for example, you owe $200,000 on your mortgage, but your home is only worth $185,000, you’re underwater on your home by $15,000.

With that information, FPO would (in as little as 24H) respond to Frank and Sheryl with several offers to buy their home, all on different payment terms. For a full explanation on how our process works, click HERE.

Here are the immediate payoffs that Frank and Sheryl would receive should they decide to accept one of the offers to buy their mortgaged home from FPO:

  • they may live in their mortgaged home until the house is resold through FPO
  • the couple may begin receiving immediate payments from the sale of their home to put toward their student debt
  • the couple does not have to spend money on repairs or moving fees unless they want

Best of all? Because there are no costs or fees associated with agent commissions when home owners sell to FPO, Frank and Sheryl are able to keep 8% to 12% MORE of the value of their first home! That means a bigger chunk of change toward their student loan debt, and more money in their pocket to put towards the purchase of a new home that suits their future!

Sell Your Mortgaged Home to

selling your mortgaged homeAt, we know there are a million reasons why you need the equity from your home in your pocket. We also know that you may have gone through the tedious project of financing your dream home, and now, life has happened and you have to put that dream up for sale as well.

On the other hand, it could be the simple story of falling in love with another home in another neighbourhood. Whatever the reason, putting your home up for sale makes sense, but selling to FPO and receiving the full value of your home’s equity will give you the best returns on your investment! 

When you don’t have to worry about realtor fees, closing costs, home tours, and appraisals, the home-selling process becomes a lot more simple for everyone involved. In fact, we are used to buying homes in several markets, particularly in Illinois. Check out some of the communities where we’ve bought mortgaged homes below:

Do you have a similar situation to Frank and Sheryl Every-day? Do you own a home in Illinois that you’re looking to sell? We value our customers immensely, and this is why we do everything in our power to ensure seamless, hassle-free home-selling experiences for everyone who works with us. We’ll take over your mortgage payments and help you move on from all the financial stress!

Call Full Price Offers at (844) 997-3559, or reach out to us online to discuss your unique needs and requirements. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation offer. Get your property sold fast!

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