How to Save Money When You Sell Your House: Tales from Wall Street

When we sell our homes, we’re used to handing over anywhere from 8% to 12% of our home’s value in the form of commissions, fees, and other upgrades and repairs. That’s anywhere from $30,000 to $37,000 for an average home!

Thankfully, there’s a secret that can make sure that cash comes back to you, without having to do any extra work or even leave the comfort of your home.

Think it sounds too good to be true? 

We thought so ourselves until we learned there’s a method that big time investors on Wall Street have been using for decades to put millions and millions in their pocket. Since then, we’ve been helping everyday sellers use a proven five-step method to sell their homes that requires WAY less work than a traditional sale. 

How to Sell Your House Without an Agent: Tales from Wall Street


black and white street signThink about the nearest big city to where you live. Now, picture the big shopping centers, hotels and office buildings that surround you.

Chances are most of those are owned by Wall Street firms on behalf of their big-time investors.  These finance firms are the financial sharks who will do anything to make sure they get their share of your profits.

The thing is, the average seller already knows this: when an investor makes more money, so do the real estate sharks out to make a buck. Translation? They REALLY want to keep every last dollar, and RARELY want to foot the bill for selling costs!

Let’s look at your average house sale scenario: 

When you sell a house, sites like Redfin and estimate that you’ll pay about 10% to sell it — and that’s before counting the time you spend waiting for repairs and updates, which can easily cost you 12% or more of your home’s market value.

Worse yet, none of the Wall Street sharks are paying 12% of a property’s value when they sell the properties in which they’ve invested. Instead, they’ve found a way to cut out the commissions, the closing costs, the repairs and upgrades, and all the waiting – so they can get paid more, and faster.

And you guessed it: that money is coming directly out of the pockets of the average seller, and we believe they should be keeping that cash instead!

How to Save Money Selling Your Home


white and red wooden house miniature on brown tableSo how did we find out the truth about the way Wall Street real estate companies work?

Easy. We worked for them!

After more than 12 years working for several multi-billion dollar investment fund managers, Full Price Offers founder not only saw the way savvy professionals kept their profit margins high, but also worked for a big-name accounting firm to audit those same managers. We’re talking holding the real legal documents and sitting in meetings where the strategies were detailed.  And he took notes!

It was exciting, but the shark-infested waters weren’t where he felt at home. Our founder wanted to invest in “real-world” real estate. He wanted to make a stand for efficient and sustainable home sales that DON’T PREY on the average seller, while taking the best parts of the Wall Street strategy with him. 

What came next was a plan to bring these strategies to local neighborhoods across North America with

How to Avoid Fees, Commissions and Other Selling Costs on Your Next Property Sale


close-up photo of assorted coins

Zillow says you’ll pay 8-10% to sell your home, but that’s before they count repairs and updates. That statistic also excludes the tax, insurance and mortgage payments associated with having to wait to sell, or when you make the inevitable concessions when you sell your home. 

Here are the top agent commissions or listing fees you’ll pay when you take the traditional route to selling your home: 

  • Property tax pro-rating
  • Maintenance and cleaning, staging
  • Professional photography, signage
  • Transfer taxes, title, legal and closing costs
  • Payments you make while waiting to sell
  • Moving and storage

The Plan

Here’s how we decided to “bring Wall Street to Main Street, starting with a few simple goals:

  1. FPO will ensure sellers get the full market value of their home
  2. FPO will ensure sellers pay $0 in fees and commissions
  3. FPO will reduce the need for sellers to commit to repairs or upgrades
  4. FPO will allow sellers to choose when they close the sale of their property or home
  5. FPO will produce marginal profits for buyers and sellers alike

Next, it was time to make those goals a reality by setting the price, calculating the equity, optimizing your return, get pocket money, and finally, close the sale of your home! 

The Process


It takes a lot of work to pull the weeds of Wall Street and grow a system that works for everyone involved. Thankfully, our insider knowledge gave us a headstart in creating a five-step process to saving our clients money:

  1. Provide Market-based Offers to Buy

  2. Calculate Total Equity of the Seller’s Property 

  3. Optimize the Return for All Parties (Buyers, Sellers, FPO)

  4. Begin Receiving Cash Payments ASAP

  5. THE PAYOFF: Establish the Final Closing Date 

Provide Market-based Offers to Buy

FPO uses market-based insights and over a decade of investment experience to provide top-level offers on as-is or well-repaired properties in under 24H. Find out how here, or get an offer on your home here

Calculate Total Equity of the Seller’s Property 

From the selling price, we negate any mortgages, tax liens or other loans against the property to determine the property’s total equity. 

Optimize the Return for All Parties (Buyers, Sellers, FPO)

Based on the terms chosen by the seller, FPO uses a digital advantage to provide additional savings for everyone involved.  

Begin Receiving EquityPayments ASAP

Once a seller signs their contract, payments begin immediately on a monthly basis, and are determined by how much income the property will generate. 

THE PAYOFF: Establish the Final Closing Date 

On a certain date agreed to by both parties, the seller may choose to receive the remainder of their equity PAID OUT IN FULL, while others opt to receive monthly payments to produce several streams of passive income

How to Cut Out the Middleman and Keep Your Equity


Let’s break the process down even further and really challenge the notion of what’s possible when you sell your home. At the end of it all, we promise you’ll be able to save 8% to 12% of your home value, and will have more control over the cash you make from selling your home.

Let’s start with a simple example. The typical home sale in the US in 2021 is $347,000.  What’s 10% of that?  $34,700.

That’s enough to buy a brand new Toyota Rav4 and you’d still have enough leftover for a VERY nice vacation.

So how are we able to help clients avoid losing out on 8% to 12% of a property’s value when they sell? By “hacking” the system that is set up to take as much of a home’s equity as possible, and helping our clients become the bank when they sell their home or property.

Become the Bank When You Sell Your Home


three round gold-colored coins on 100 US dollar banknotes

Not to sound crazy, but when you agree to take your equity over time, you transform into something totally different.

You’re a bank! And banks make more money when they take payments over time, right?

Picture your name with a cool logo that tells everyone you’re now the latest authority on selling the real estate YOU own.

Forget the HGTV shows — YOU are the one who is going to be in control from start to finish. Just wait until you brag to your new neighbors about it.

So what do we mean when we say, ‘become the bank’? 

Well, when you become ‘the bank’, your payments are backed by the mortgage on your property, which optimizes the security of your equity. In this context, time becomes your new best friend, allowing you to be flexible about when you put those extra dollars in your pocket. 

Let’s look at another example of how those dollars can become passive income for your next investment down the road:

Saving 10% of your home’s value when you sell can be a giant step ahead in your financial life.  For most households, saving $40,000 would be an extra 30% added to their net worth. That’s way more than, say, the average student loan balance, or the average Gen Xer’s total non-mortgage debt. 

Here’s one more: 

Let’s say you have $100,000 in equity after the mortgage is paid off on a $300,000 house. And by selling the normal way, you’d have to pay a total of $30,000 in selling costs, leaving you with $70,000.

If you decided to sell to Full Price Offers, you would keep all $100,000 instead of leveraging it for the immediate gratification of a giant paycheck. At current interest rates on CDs at the bank (0.65% per year as of May 2021), you’d have to invest that $70,000 for 55 years to get to $100,000. And that’s without even accounting for inflation.

By selling our way, you are getting a much, much higher return on your money while being fully secured by the property as your collateral. 

How to Make Passive Income the Next Time You Sell


person holding black iPhone displaying stock exchange

Taking your equity as a part of a payment plan as opposed to a lump-sum dispersal is the true essence of what this process is all about. Long-term payments have become a game-changer for those willing to think outside the box. So what’s the catch?

Good news: there isn’t one! There’s no “catch” that makes this way of selling risky or misleading. The method has long been backed by top executives and CEOs on and off-wall street. And it’s how we can afford to pay full price PLUS all the closing costs, i.e. when we can pay your equity out over time instead of lump-sum.

If we had to pay you all at once, we simply wouldn’t make any money and we’d be better off investing elsewhere.

Still, here’s the closest thing to a “catch” we could find – if you absolutely need all of your equity in cash at closing, that means we can’t buy your property. 

If you’re not sure if that applies to the next home you want to list, we’re happy to evaluate every option to find a way to make it work – but if you need every dollar for a down payment on another home, we might not be the buyer for you.

How Can Help YOU save $30K or More


We are cash flow investors, not speculators. Our goal is to buy good properties, and to provide a little monthly income for everyone involved — usually just a few hundred dollars a month. 

If you can help us reach our goal by being flexible on your payment timing, we’ll make this the easiest property sale you’ve ever had. So easy you’ll be ready for your next sale in no time!

Common Questions from Our Clients

“What if you don’t pay me what you say?”

All our investors and lenders have been paid in full, every time. We heavily screen our tenant buyers and make sure they put up a significant deposit as security. We also keep healthy reserves and would rather pay out of pocket at a loss than ruin our track record.

But what if our whole company was abducted by aliens or we all just stopped showing up to work one day and became free-spirited yoga instructors?

The answer is easy. You’d automatically keep getting the payments we set up. And if the payments ever stopped, you’d get the property back with no foreclosure messes or lawyers running up the clock. All the documents are pre-filled and would need a 30-minute trip to file them with the title company.

We never, ever want this to happen because we are LONG-TERM investors. 

Still too complicated? That’s okay! 

We can give you a customized estimate that compares selling to us against your alternatives. It lays out all the steps without fancy jargon that lawyers use to keep their fees high. Simple and direct.

“Speaking of lawyers, how do the legal contracts work?”

This way of selling can be done with a one-page contract. In fact, many states already have the legal sections for this in their standard real estate contract you’d be using if you sold the regular way.

The paperwork actually increases when you sell the normal way, especially wherever bank lenders get involved. There are no appraisal requirements, no lender delays, and no interruptions to your sale plans. You work directly with an experienced team of investors who do what they say and treat people like people.

“What if I have a mortgage?”

In most cases, we will make the mortgage payments on your behalf until we resell the property or pay the loan off in full.  It’s much like turning your home into a rental, and then going on to buy another property, which has been done tens of millions of times.

“The money sounds nice but I’m not really comfortable selling my home this way. Do I have other options with”

There are plenty of ways we like to make sure our clients are comfortable, even when they haven’t committed to a sale with our team!

Often the biggest reservation our clients have had prior to selling with us is whether they’ll get paid. They want to know whether, if they don’t get paid, they’ll get the property back in the same condition they left it in. Thankfully, we have a lot of ways to address these concerns – from using insurance, extra collateral, or even leasing your property until we buy it.

We can also have the title company hold the title in escrow until your equity is paid in full. Let’s chat about it the next time you have a moment. Just reach out through our Facebook Page HERE.

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