Selling your property to FullPriceOffers will save you tens of thousands of dollars compared to selling the regular way.  What makes our way even better? It’s easier. We buy as-is, and fast; you only need to lift a finger to e-sign our sale agreement – that’s all!  

Before we get into how it all works, let’s talk about why we’re different.

Taking Payments Means You Get More Money

Have you ever bought a car or piece of furniture on a payment plan?  Did you notice that you’re willing to pay a higher price if the payment is not too high? That’s the best way to explain how we buy real estate. We agree to buy your property on a payment plan to get your equity paid in full over time.  You may have heard the term “passive income” – that’s what this is!

Why We Buy

We are investors buying to create long-term cash flow.  We’re in it for the long haul, and want to pay you directly for your equity.  Unlike most investors, we’re not looking to make lowball offers to turn a profit.  That just feels shady to us.  We figured out a way that we can pay full price to sellers and avoid all the normal transaction costs that says adds up to over 10% of a home’s value.

How can we do that?

The “trick” is that, in exchange for us paying full price and charging $0 in fees and commissions, our sellers agree to give us some time to pay off their equity.  The longer we have to pay you off, the higher price we can pay.  Ever hear the phrase “passive income”? That’s what we create for our sellers – whether it’s paying them in full within three years or giving them 30+ years of retirement cash flow to pass down to relatives in the future.  When you sell our way, the restrictions of the “regular” way to sell are gone, so we can customize our offer to meet your exact personal situation.  There is no “box” to fit in; not anymore.

“I’m a little confused.  How does it work?”

It’s pretty simple.  When you sell normally, you get whatever is left over after everyone else has been paid off.  That’s the tax man, mortgage lenders, any liens, the title company, and a ton of other “small” fees that add up to all the costs of waiting three months to close, and so on.  In the end, you’ll probably pay 8-13% of the property price – or, tens of thousands of dollars.  (For instance, did you know Zillow estimates 8% to 10% BEFORE any repairs & updates for sale, staging, or the taxes? That’s NOT including insurance and mortgage payments while you wait to close).

Instead of getting that lower lump-sum when you sell your home, we pay your full equity amount (no commissions, repairs or closing costs) by breaking payments down into monthly instalments.  If you’ve ever bought a couch or a car on payments instead of paying it all up-front, we are basically doing the same thing.  With us, you become “the bank” and collect the payments.  These payments add up to a lot more than you’d get if you took the lump sum. You are paid every month automatically until an agreed end date where you’re fully paid off, or even before then if we sell the property.  Think about it this way: you’re effectively being “paid” 8% to 13% of your home’s value by taking the payments instead of a lump-sum.  If you invested the lower lump-sum in a high yield savings account, you’d wait decades to bring home the same amount – and you wouldn’t have a real property as collateral, either!

The Home Seller Lottery: Are you the real winner?

Have you ever heard about lottery winners who get to pick between the lump-sum $50 million or taking payments that add up to way more?  When you sell the “normal way” you are choosing the lump sum option and leaving lots of money on the table.  You can pick the “more money” option by selling to Full Price Offers.

Here’s a simple example:

Let’s say you have $80,000 in equity. Selling the normal way would cost you $30,000 in commissions and closing costs, leaving you only $50,000 instead of the full $80,000.  That’s a lot of money just to sell a house!

Instead of getting $50,000 cashed out at closing, with FullPriceOffers you would be paid $80,000 in equity over time through monthly payments, with a “balloon” payout when you decide to close.  Based on your property’s “rentability”, it can for instance ‘afford’ to pay you $500 per month.  In other words, you get automatic monthly payments to your bank account (or mailbox) every month, without ever having to think about the property again!  You’re fully secured by the property you sell, and we are 100% responsible for everything from the time you sign on.  Best of all, if you don’t absolutely need all your equity at closing, you can save tons of cash to create reliable, secured passive income until you’re paid in full.  From the example above, you’d make $30,000 more using the long-term payment option.


Ready for a no-obligation offer? Here’s what will happen next:


Step 1: Tell us about your property and situation

The first step to selling to us is to let us know what you have to sell.  We use the property address to pre-fill much of the information we’ll need using public data records, such as bedrooms, baths and square footage.  You’ll get a chance to correct anything that looks wrong.  We also ask about your property’s current mortgage terms to see whether we’ll be able to pay you more money by using the existing loan in our offer.

We will also ask a few questions about your sale goals.   Do you need to move quickly for a new job? Downsizing and don’t want to work with an agent?  Have some personal debts you need to pay off?  We customize our offers to cater to your needs, so any information you give us will help.  You can get started at any time by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of this page, or now by clicking here.

Step 2: Pick from multiple offers

After you send us your information, we will craft two to three custom offers for you to choose from.  Each offer summarizes the deal we think will create a win-win for both of us.  Why multiple offers? That’s because we buy real estate “on terms”. In other words, we agree on a price for your property, and your equity is paid out in payments instead of all at once.  Still, we know every situation is different: in some cases, there’s cash paid up front, and in others we go right into monthly payments.  Our offers generally fall into three categories – one offer that maximizes the sale price, a second that maximizes your up-front cash, and sometimes an offer for an all-cash sale.  If one of the offers works for you, simply let us know.  Otherwise, we will work together to come up with a win-win deal we are both happy with.  These offers are not legally binding until we document it in the purchase agreement.

PS: If you don’t have much equity (or none at all), we can take over the current loan payments and try to get you some “walk away” money.

Step 3: Sign purchase agreement and schedule closing

Once we’ve agreed on the terms, it’s time to make it formal with a purchase contract.  We’ll typically e-sign the documents using Docusign.  We can also do paper documents for those who like to sign on paper documents.  These agreements are very similar to a standard contract in your area – everything is standard including the installment sale for your equity.

Step 4: Closing & Payments

We close the transaction through a local title company or real estate attorney.  We’ll do a final walkthrough the day of the closing to confirm the property is in the same condition as when we made the offer.  Finally, we send payments automatically through a professional 3rd party servicing company to keep everyone safe until you receive the final payout – on your terms!

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