Here's Our Story

FullPriceOffers was born from the idea that selling real estate the traditional way is too expensive.  From closing costs, commissions and repairs, selling when you don’t have tons of equity can even force you to pay out of pocket to sell.  That’s just not right.    

Through our founding team’s experience in commercial real estate, we learned all the different creative ways that big investment companies do deals and thought – why not use this to create “win-win” opportunities for home sellers?  

We discovered a strategy that allows us to buy at market price by leasing and re-selling to buyers who are willing to pay a premium for a home (that’s how we pay our bills) when they’ve gone through our Mortgage Ready program and buy the home from us.  This unique buying method puts more money back into your pocket!  When sellers are flexible on how they get paid, they are able to keep more money in their pocket and create long-term passive income.

Our leaves our sellers and our buyers better off than before.
This is why we love what we do!

Our Principles

People over Properties

Behind every house is a homeowner.  We recognize your home is deeply personal to you.  We promise to treat you and your home as we would our own family.

Give people options

One-size-fits-all is not good enough when it comes to selling real estate. Every seller has a unique set of circumstances that can be matched with a custom offer that helps them meet their goals.

Fairness can be profitable

With our creative ways of buying and selling, we don’t need slick salespeople to talk you into lower prices in order for us to keep the lights on. We cut out the middlemen and split the difference with you!

Relationships are everything

We want you to be so happy with our service that you tell all your friends and family about it.  That’s our baseline expectation.

We're here for win-win real estate transactions

Our goal is to create opportunities for sellers to put more money in their pocket than they’d have by selling the traditional way.  Not many companies out there can say that. Try us out!

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