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Keep *all of your equity* when you sell to us.

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"Normal" sales cost 10% of your home's value.

Selling differently can help you keep all your equity.

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Selling the "Normal Way" Costs Too Much (10% of Home Values)

According to Zillow and data, most sellers pay 8% to 12% of their home’s value to sell their property.  And they wait for months to finally close. 

But what they don’t know is – they can close faster and keep those selling costs in their pocket by “being the bank“. 

Keep All Your Equity When You Sell to Us ($34,700 Average)

Full Price Offers helps sellers all over the United States turn their equity into a stream of cash payments – saving tens of thousands of dollars for their families. 

We call it the “Equity Shield” because it protects your hard-earned equity from costly middlemen and fees.  Find out how much more you can save when you sell to Full Price Offers with a no-pressure fast offer for your property.  No matter the condition or situation. 

Get paid an extra $34,700 to wait on your equity.

What would you do with an extra $34,700 in your pocket?1

3 Simple Steps to More Money

Get Custom Offers

Request your offer and get full price offers within 24 hours.

Close the Sale

Close when you are ready. No repairs or updating needed.

Collect Payments

Get your passive 'mailbox money' every month until you're paid in full. You are fully secured by the property until you are paid in full.

According to Zillow and, a normal home sale costs about 10% of your home's value. 

That's about $35,000 for a typical American house in 2021. 

Why should you give that much money away?

Compare Full Price Offers Vs Normal Sale

Try our sale proceeds calculator to find out how much you can save by selling to us

A typical home sale costs

$ 0 +

in commissions, fees and related selling costs.

Selling to FullPriceOffers let you keep all of it.

Why should you sell to us?

Keep the equity you've built

You worked hard to build that equity – don’t give it away in the form of fees and expenses. It’s yours – keep it.

Sell your home faster

We can close in as little as one week. Other investors who close fast want to pay you 30% less than market. We pay full price and close quickly.

Personalized offers

We specialize in win-win deals. We listen to your needs and build a customized sales plan to deliver on your terms.

The Smart Choice for Home Sellers

Keep more of your equity and sell on your terms

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Why do home-sellers give away so much of their equity?

Frustrated Home Seller

The real estate industry has taught you that there’s only one way to sell a house – their way.

They’ve told you that paying 10% of sales price in fees is just part of the process.

They never tell you there is another way.

When FullPriceOffers buys a house, our EquityShield process lets you keep that 10%.

Don’t spend a dime in repairs or upgrades. Close on your schedule.

Many Reasons to Sell to FullPriceOffers

More Money

Keep the equity you’ve built. On average, that’s nearly $35,000. What could you do with an extra $35K?

Flexible Timing

You decide when it’s time to move out.

Professional Service

We have a team of experts ready to answer questions and help you through the process.


No online photos, no strangers wandering through your home.

No Repairs or Upgrades

No cleaning, either. We buy it as-is, so there’s no additional headaches.

Proven Track Record

Our team has a proven track record of buying and selling real estate and standing behind every offer.

Change Your Life by Keeping More Equity

Full Price Offers home buyers no commissions no agent no fees

Our EquityShield process delivers a stream of cash payments, putting more money in your pocket and letting you keep that home equity that you so carefully built.

What is 10% of your home’s value?  Now think about what you could do with that money to make your life better.  That’s what we’re here for.

Get More From Your House

First, we buy your house.

Next, you’ll get monthly cash payments while we rent the property to our qualified buyers through our Mortgage Ready program.

When the property sells, you are paid in full, saving you thousands compared to the regular way.


How Much Will You Save?


A typical seller will keep an extra 10% of their home’s value through our Equity Shield selling program.  A typical house sells for about $350,000 nationally.  10% of that is $35,000 in selling costs.

When you sell the ‘normal’ way, that $35,000 goes to agents, closing costs, fees and….more fees.  What if you could keep it and still sell for the same price?

You’ve made the repairs, mowed the lawn, kept up the property, and have made that equity grow.  Shouldn’t you keep what you worked so hard to earn? 

It’s your equity, and we can help you keep it with a true win-win offer.

Get started right now with a "No Pressure" offer - in less than five minutes

The Stress-Free Sale

No showings, no cleaning, no repairs, no headaches. Just a quick-close for 100% of your home’s value.

Your Questions Answered

Our EquityShield program pays you out over time instead of an immediate, one-time payment.  We make monthly payments until we are able to re-sell the property to one of the homeowners in our Buyer Program.  This time we have to pay your equity is what enables us to pay full price and cover all the closing costs. 

It can be as quick as 5 minutes, but we always have an offer ready within 24 hours. Our offer request tool will automatically generate an offer, and usually you’ll have multiple offers to choose from.

No problem! We’ve dealt with all types of tenants, good and bad. 

It can be as quick as 5 minutes, but we always have an offer ready within 24 hours. Our offer request tool will automatically generate an offer, and usually you’ll have multiple offers to choose from.

With FullPriceOffers, here’s what you won’t pay:

  • Real estate agent commissions: 5 – 6% of the sale price
  • Closing costs & negotiated discounts: 2 – 3% of the sale price
  • Expenses related to showing, repairing and upgrading the home for sale: 2 – 3% of sale price

For many homeowners, this 8 – 12% can eat up 50% or even more of their equity.

That’s the beauty of our EquityShield process. Even if you don’t have equity, the selling price of your home will cover any remaining balance you may owe on a mortgage. Many sellers feel trapped because they don’t think they can afford the fees in a traditional sale. With FullPriceOffers, you simply don’t have to worry about those fees.

Selling on terms is also known as a “delayed cash sale.” Instead of one big check up front, you get a series of smaller checks over time. When you add up these checks, you end up with an extra 8-12% of your home’s value because those fees and commissions won’t be gobbled up before you get paid. During the pay-out time, you are fully secured legally with a mortgage, just like you would when you’re purchasing or selling through a bank.

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The proof is in The Numbers

Regular Sale
Full Price Offers

Regular Sale

Median Home Price: $347,000

Cost to Sell (10%): (-$34,700)

Mortgage Balance: (-$150,000)

Net Take-Home: $162,300

Median Home Price: $347,000

Cost to Sell: (-$0)

Mortgage Balance: (-$150,000)

Net Take-Home: $197,000

Keep $34,700 more by selling to Full Price Offers


Savings calculated using median home price from Federal Reserve data.   Typical selling costs from plus additional 2% or more in repairs, mortgage expense, taxes and insurance while waiting 60-90 days to sell.​  Typical mortgage balance from LendingTree data.

(1) Home Price – Federal Reserve

(2) Mortgage Balances – LendingTree

(3) Cost to Sell – Zillow

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